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Accepted Shares Not Matching What T-Rex Miner Shows


I’ve been mining for a month now with two rigs and a total of 24 GPUs. As of yesterday, the increase in the accumulating payout percentage has slowed a lot. Yesterday, I was at 41% to my next payout. Today it’s only at 49%. It wasn’t this slow before.

T-Rex Miner shows a total accepted shares for both rigs at around 89,000 shares. However, HiveOS only shows a combined accepted share total of around 34,000. Why is there such a big difference?

HiveOS accepted shares:

Miner-1 accepted shares:

Miner-2 accepted shares:

Am I missing something here? Something’s not jiving. Thanks for your help.

if you have some time do some research on VarDiff, aka variable difficulty.

basically the pool will adjust your difficulty at a worker level to keep the pool from being flooded with shares. this is normal, and how all modern pools work. the higher your hash power, the higher the difficulty.

tldr: if you have more hash power your share are weighted more than low hashpower workers to keep from overloading the network/pool.

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It has been comment that new TRex inflate hashrate a lot, you have in your rigs…

Total Reported 1727,97 (863,07 + 864,9)
Total Reality 1695,09 (852,99 + 842,1) 1,94% (-1% Fee Inflation 0,94%)

That’s the real problem of TRex. He inflates hashrate and not show real numbers at the pool. You have same results that tested done: Tests: Ampere - the average with 1 Millions shares was 0,95% inflation you are in 0,94%.

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Thanks for the info. Just read up on vardiff. Learning more and more each day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is something that people don’t check, and using miners that are not the most profitable… Normally only reported and that miners like TRex/GMiner/NBMiner/PhoenixMiner do it…around 1% to 2.5% depending the miner.

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