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Accepted rejected invalid accepted ratio

Please help me

My card is 1660super

are you using locked core clocks? if so, reduce mem clock and reboot after any invalids/rejecteds.

id reccomend trex/gminer/lolminer over phoenix as well.

Please tell me how to unlock

I m new for mining please help me how to unlock

core clocks above 500 are treated as locked core clocks. the goal is to find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.

Can you please sent me core settings

you need to find the best for your individual cards. the lowest locked core clock (value above 500 in core field) that maintains full hashrate.

Hynix & samsung

How to find

trial and error

Which miner is stable

I recommended 3 to you above

I have 7 x 1660 Supers that’s been mining since Jan 2021 with nearly no issues on Trex
Your Hynix clocks are perfect
I would suggest way lower memory clocks on the cards that uses Samsung memory
Start and 1600 and work your way up to around 1800

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