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Accepted, Rejected and Incorrect Shares

Hi all,

Can anyone please provide the command to run through the new Teleconsole to see how many shares were accepted, rejected or were Incorrect.

Thank You


Ctrl+A D - exit

Thank You but what is actually showing in this graph accepted, rejected and incorrect as well as their ratios. I can see the green accepted rate but how do you know for what period that is for? Thanks for the help

x - accepted shares
y - rejected shares

Time - since miner starts in min

Ahhh that explains it. Really appreciate it!


I m starting Mining and i have this number or Accepted / Rejected on hiveos.

Is it something normal to have no 100% but less ? What this value describes ? Thank you

If you have:

  • normal pool
  • not too much overclocked GPU
  • stable and good internet connection
    you can get 100% or 99,99% in long run

Just for example:
Uptime (ETH, nanopool):

and 100% result:

Your values it’s not good - you loose money

HaloGenius, Thank you for your explanations. It’s clear, my GPU are maybe too much Overclocked ( ?) my internet seems good so i don’t think this is the problem.

I m using 2miners pool. 86% seems a very bad value compare to what you have :confused:

What cards you have? amd cards works better with claymore. and claymore shows which gpu giving incorrect share. teleconsole->miner