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Absolute Core Clock Thread (Turing and Ampere)

Not sure if any of you have tried it, but HiveOS now has the option to put in Absolute Core Clock settings on Nvidia Turing and Ampere cards (16-series, 20-series, 30-series). It is much better than putting an offset core clock + power limit value. It potentially allows your GPU to mine more efficiently, not necessarily large increases in hashrate but rather lower power draws.

This could also help a lot of newbies as it is one less value to figure out when OC’ing.

  1. The first step is to make sure you have the latest HiveOS version.
  2. Next is to try out different core clock settings above 500, try out increments of 50 until you get to the sweet spot in your hashrate.
  3. Take a look a the power draw of your gpu and compare it to the PL value you initially put in.
    – If it’s lower, I suggest you change the PL value to 0.
    – If it’s higher, try fine-tuning the core clock and see if that gets you similar hashrate but at a lower power draw.

Have fun!


Here’s an early attempt with some 16-series cards. Feel free to share yours as it could potentially help many more. Shot above is using NBMiner, below is PhoenixMiner.

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Red Panda Mining just made a video about it:

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Any idea at what Tjunctions are they operating?

I don’t know what are you doing that you get so high wattage. 1660 Super should be around 75w without core locking and around 65w with locking.
Samsung memories:

For this bigger rig I had to lower the memclocks and increase core to get them stable :frowning:

Hynix memories and 3080 hashrate increased and power decreased 20W:

There is another topic with further discussion about it:

hey dude… it this you Hashrate stable ? because i bought this card as new and its memory temperature was hitting 110 in result the hashrate was dropping to 90s.
my 3090 was MSI Aurus.
i tried is on Windows on Nicehash. i didnt try 3090 in HiveOS Rig


Sadly, doesn’t seem to work on my 3060 Ti, 3070 and 3080 with two different rigs. I tried with the recommended range, and either it doesn’t do anything (if I use the higher range of absolute core clock), or it crashes the entire system with a hard reset with the only solution whenever I use lower clock values.

It must be because my OC are fairly agressive when it comes to memory clock and already as low as it can be in power usage. I really thought I could make it work, but it’s a lot of work and hard crashes to find the perfect settings to save 2-3 watts over what already seems to be good numbers.

Can you share a screenshot of your rig’s HiveOS worker dashboard?

Anyone have an issue where the Absolute Core Clock setting is unavailable? Regardless of the value I enter it stays as an offset. I am running latest OS ([email protected]).

Just created a thread about it.

I guess hiveos is not supporting it ( mean the TI variant)?
it’s not mentioned in the examples: System Changelog and News - #41 by hiveos
you could try locking it manually using nvidia-smi
Syntax should be
nvidia-smi -i 0 -lgc 1000
This should set card id 0 to 1000mhz locked. Try it out. Please set core clocks to zero (auto) in hiveos before attempting to be sure.

Thanks, I’ll give this a try. I also don’t have the option to lock the core on my 1660 Supers either. Not just with the Ti variant.

Has anyone tried to use this on 1080 Ti’s? I was curious if it would work for them as well?

Does anyone know perfect OC for 1660s evga and 3060ti eagle? When i try to set core clock with nvidia-smi -lgc command but it reset and using old core…

old hiveos version ([email protected]) with 3060ti with 2700 mem it was okay and currently I’m using [email protected] version now i have some invalid shares on 3060ti (i didn’t take screenshot) but:

here is my [email protected] version settings.

Is it safe to overclock any core clock setting past 500? I put my rtx 2070s at 1000 core clock and 1800 mem and power consumption dropped over 100W but is this safe to do to the card?

yes, above 500 it changes the way it functions and start acting as absolute core clock, thats why your power consumption droped

Right, I understand that part but what is actually happening to the GPU when “absolute” core clock is enabled versus just core clock?