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Absolute Core Clock setting not available in Web App

I am trying to lock the core voltage on my 1660 S and 1660 Ti but the Absolute Core Clock is not available. Any value I enter stays as an offset. I am running latest OS (0.6-203@210519)

Anyone else have this issue? I have contacted support but so far response was “This is as it should be” which does not seem to be correct.


if u input that on phone. the text wont reappear as absolute core clock but when u check it on browser using a laptop/desktop it would appear as absolute core clock. its just the app is not there yet. in the mean time i suggest ignore that and input your desired clock. absolute core clock starts at 500mhz and above.

I am not inputting on phone. I am using the HiveOS website ( to input values on my PC. Core clock is still not working. I am just using the nvidia-smi command to lock core clock for now.

are you updated? if not try updating. if this not works try reinstalling stable hiveos image

Running the latest HiveOs (0.6-203@210526). I will try reinstalling and see if this changes anything.

Any luck? I am not seeing it also. I am using 0.6-206@210722.

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