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Absolute Core Clock ranges for "Ti" cards

A few months ago I came across a list of NVidia GPUs with their corresponding Absolute Core Clock settings shown as a range (ie 3070s using a range of 885-1150 for Absolute Core).

Has anyone seen or discovered any such ranges for the 3080 Ti, or 3070 Ti?

I’m currently mining ETH and using an Absolute Core Clock setting of:

  • 1600 for my 3080 Ti [which keeps power to 290W +/- 10W; getting 82-85MH/s] and
  • 1500 for my 3070 Ti [which keeps power to 195W +/- 5W]; getting 52-55MH/s]

But not yet satisfied with these results in terms of efficiency. Thanks for sharing any results!

fyi: yes, I know these are LHR; I’m currently using these setting with NBminer (v39.1); and have the latest NVidia driver (470.63.01)

Wouldn’t ergo be a better choice to mine on these gpus?
You manually type in ur MH and watts at the wall to whattomine and see?
Those Tis are super power hungry. Not much u can do to drop the power

Just plugged in new 3070ti yesterday. Using Trex

Core lock 1550
Memory 2600
Leave PL blank
Fan 60

After 24 hours
59.5 mh @ 171w
Temp 56
Mem temp 83

Hope this helps! If you know anything more efficient please share!

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