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About the Hiveon pool reward schedule

I would like to confirm.
Is there a phenomenon where the Hiveon pool reward schedule suddenly drops to 10%?
It was my fault for not being able to monitor it every day, but I was paid less than I expected.
I thought of this as a possibility, so I would like to ask a question.
Thank you.

Hello, can you give some more info? Such as:
What coin?
What hashrate?
Any disruption in mining?

The target is ETC.
Until last week, I had accumulated 1 ETC in 2 weeks.
This setting was created by canceling the old farm and creating a new one.
Currently, it is scheduled to take 75 days to receive 1 ETC.
The current hashrate is 202.1MH/s.
Do you know any reason?

1 etc in 2 weeks with 202mh has not been possible in a few years. you can try or to compare profit calcs.

Can you share a link to your pool dashboard?