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About biostar z590 motherboard?cant find bios setting anywhere?get black screen

Hi sorry I just got a Biostart Z590 Double BTC motherboard, bought it to plug some RTX 3080, and 3090, I dont think I must update motherboard as it’s new product Bios must be updated…I hope…

I get an issue once I enable PSU ATX I get first Bluescreen, after my HiveOs app shows my 3090 mining for almost 3-4 minutes, screen is in the same time totally black, no miner mining on screen, after 3-4 minutes my 3090 GPU disapear, and Hive worker shut down.

Someone maybe know some wrong Bios ssettings why makes this problem…As I looked everywhere there is nothing explained about Z590m biostar Bios settings.

Thank for your help

what does your worker overview screen look like?

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Sorry my friend was in bed with fever, couldnt even talk lol, I m trying with another board Biiostar TB 360 V2 seems workimg much better, about TZ590 I still havent seen any info all over internet, I know regular ones like Gen1-2-3 Csm disable, 4g enable…Buy still doesnt boot…
They re making so much noise for that board noone and any Youtuber made review about it…Ah yeah they are all on holiday I forgot:)

Yeah I’ve seen lots of people have issues with multiple cards on z590 and z690. I think it’s best up to use the old tried and true boards personally lol.