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A2000 Freezes After boot up

Hi guys, I need some help here

So here is what’s happening with my rig.

I just started mining with 1X3080 and a 3070 Ti card.
It was smoothly for weeks. Then I wanted to expand my rig and bought one A2000. When I connected A2k and boot it up, hive freezes after booting up. It freezes exactly at one particular stage where it’s says “LOADING NVIDIA DRIVERS, GPU,3”

Here are the troubleshooting tips I tried.

  1. Changed 4G decoding disable → enable
  2. Changed Risers
  3. Changed PCie slots,
  4. Removed other cards and tried to boot only with A2000
  5. Changed PCie cables
  • Sometimes the Wi-Fi shows offline and freezes

My specs
BIO STAR 360 mining board
PSU 850W
Hiveos loaded on a 120GB SSD


what clocks do you have set for the a2000 if any? what driver?

I have not set any. The moment I boot up, it’s freezes, I am unable to do any OC or set parameters.

What driver/kernel version?

I have no clue what is kernel version.
May I know what it it ?
Driver means ?

PNY RTX A2000, is that What you are asking ?

Nope that’s the card model, I’m looking for the stuff I mentioned. If you post a screenshot of the worker overview screen that will show all of those things.

That all looks fine. What clocks were you running on the other nvidia cards? They will auto apply to the a2000 if you don’t remove them first.

I have removed other cards and tried, it still freezes.
Others cards OC are 3080 -200/2000/230
3070 Ti 900/2400/190

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