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A START JOB IS RUNNING FOR HIVE( 17 / no limit) "Locked up"

Hello ! I have 2 RIGs but 1 of them always from the power outage I get this message, and HIVE does not go up anymore just restart the RESET button, would you have any solution for this?


Thank You !

Did you get this sorted? I have exact same problem now after an unexpected power cut. Reboot and reset button doesn’t help, it goes no further.

re-flash you hive os drive or flash memory and it should work fine

Should. But nope.

Reinstall brings system back up, update brings system back down - same problem occurs after fresh install/update

[Edit] Apologize for the grave digging, but there not many others with this exact same issue I guess… Surprising as this appears to be broken code in the repository (update borks system, came from repo)

[Update] Reinstalled, Running, got the error again, but this time somehow it booted. I suggest the HiveOS devs add a threshold limit (it has no limit for every service starting up) so when you boot if a service fails it either continues boot or fails rather than sitting doing nothing but counting to infinity.

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What was the solution to this? I’m stuck with 2 rigs doing the same thing?

I’ve re flashed the USB sticks twice with no avail?

Did you guys find the issue? I’m in the same boat. Can’t seem to find a solution. Your help is much appreciated.

fixed this by replacing the ram sticks

Got the same issue after a power failure. The bios memory diagnostic gave you something before saying it’s memory?


I have the same issue, any possible fix?

Did you fix it?

I had a similar issue, I ended up wiping all files from the drive and reformatted the drive. Then reinstalled hive os and worked great.

Trying to solve it, wipped all SO 4x try to create a new work and even a new farm, but it start happing again.

Anyone have others solutions for that issue?

Wipped all SO again, update Drives and SO for the last version, it come back for a while and now end up going with this errror again.

Same issue here,
Mother B250 10 GPU AMD
If i connect 6 GPU only work great, but if connect more, sometime work and sometime no.

Very Strange

I already try to change the mother, Memories, ssd, USB Cables etc, and not working properly