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A solution to continue mining with GTX 1060 3GO ? DAG OVERFLOW

Hello !

I had until today 5 graphics cards: 1 GTX 1060 3G and 4 GTX 1070
Since this afternoon, the GTX 1060 3G card no longer works apparently because of the DAG that would have become too big for the card!

I did some research on the DAG and yet the limit will not be reached until May 18, 2019
(which is not necessarily easy to determine with precision)
according to this site:

my GTX 1060 3G has worked until today but it’s over!

Would there be another way to continue mining with this map? for example, maybe another mineral that claymore could still work for another 2 or 3 months or is there nothing left to do?

if someone has an experience and has the same card!

Thank you for your answers and good mining

Best regards

if u sticking to ethash algo then you options to mine one of this coin, and exchange them to ethereum or ethereum classic
(etho, dbix, clo, aka, etp,pirl,ubq)

alternatives algo’s for 1060 3GB
X16r & Equihash (BTG, AION)

tthese are your current profitable options