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9x Vega 56 Rig OC Problems

Yo peepz i hope u all are doing fine.

My 9x Vega Rig was running stable. I then tried different OC settings for GPU1 which didnt worked out and TRM said “GPU8 detected dead”. Which is crazy because i didnt even touched the settings of this card. Anyway i rolled back the OC settings from GPU1 but still since then GPU8 wont run at 950 mem like before. 920 is max now. If i try 950 again TRM says GPU8 detected dead. WTF is this xD
Also i reckocgnized that when i try to change OC at some other GPUS for ex GPU6 from 950 to 960 mem that TRM say GPU0 detected dead. Why this is happening ?
Risers checked
Power Suplys checked and enough free power is available
MB checked (B250)

Doess anyone has any frkin ideas? TRM support cant help aswell, but damage to the cards is nearly impossible cause the semiconductor chips are not weak.

Edit: I never had issues with GPU8 before this problem mentioned above.

have u managed to solve this issue?

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