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99MH ETH RX6800 dual mining, two miners real?

A brasilian youtuber says he tested this and it’s working server side also. Is it real? This would mean a lot, has it been tested before?


He also says he is going to publish more results later in more videos.

Most likely it is showing reported higher hashrates and pool remains the same. The numbers reported are not in real time and the miner probably grabs the highest hashrate during a period of time. Effectiveness would be to check the shares before and after which also translate to the pool actual hashrate

But he shows the MH is reflected pool side in the video, I will wait for more tests.

I’m going to run it for 24 hours to check it out. That being said I already am doubtful as the first miner to load (in my case gminer) is constantly showing 58+ in the hive portal, but watching it in hiveshell it is dropping to 30mh/s randomly.
First hour in looks like it may be legit, to soon to tell though realtime hashrate is up, but may have just been a good hour, updates tomorrow.

It definitely seems to be just a bug. I am returning to one miner