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90+% to payout has dropped to 49%

I was sitting at around 96% to payout, checking now it only shows 49% to payout. What gives???

NVM - I see HIVEOS has switched from .1 ETH to .2 ETH. Great. Right at 96+%

.2 is the auto payout min threshold, we added in the option for manual withdraw at .005 eth, free if you use the polygon network, or you pay gas fees on the eth mainnet if youd rather.

we encourage the use of L2 polygon network payouts as theyre cheaper and faster than mainnet, but if you prefer mainnet, you have the option still.

Why make the change when ETH2 is right around the corner? It’s just strange that this will soon be irrelevant.

Also, I know we discussed vardiff earlier today, but my reward accumulation is really slow. Could the vardiff be so much different than it was 2-3 days ago? It’s night and day.

because cheap and fast payments not relying on the eth network i.e. polygon are going to be the go to payment types. we will be adding other coin pools here shortly and adding more curency payout options to match.

are you saying your poolside hashrate is lower than before? thats what your reward is based on.

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