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8x AMD on XMR 100% invalid shares

Can someone please help me with a rig that was working on past versions, but on 0.5-82, ALL shares are invalid.

Other than a modded BIOS, no additional tuning was added.

The same flightsheet is on 2 other rigs without issues.

The only stable algo is CN_v7 mining Graft on Claymore.

Having issues with XMR-STAK on CN_Heavy and CN-v8 coins.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I can mine Haven although initially get about 40-60 invalid shares, but it comes good thereafter.

Monero changed to Cryptonight_v8 and all the configurations for XMR stak changed. Where u have “monero” put something strange like “mone”. It will show all the available options. Good luck.

Thanks for your quick reply Kellygeefx.

I have tried “cryptonight_v8” however that didnt work either with the same result.

I have left the rig running for 15 minutes thinking it could just be at the start similar to Haven, however still 100% invalid. Maybe I will just re-format the drive and try again.

it was a faulty upgrade process - changed with a new image and worked straight away if anyone gets similar issues.