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8 GPU only 7 detecting


_I used Asus Z-490 P Motherboard on 8 AMD 6600xt GPU and it worked perfect.
_I changed to 4 AMD 6600xt+ 1 NVIDIA 1660ti and it work perfect.
_Now 6 NVIDIA 3070 (1 tuf gaming + 5 ichill) + 2 AMD 6600 xt and I can only see 7 card…
1 Nvidia ichill is missing.

GPU turn on but not the fans

_I changed rizer, changed usb cable, changed pci - slot, even switch the GPU

Still the same spot missing even when I switch GPU. So all the GPU work.

I switch power cable. Took the power cable from the amd to exchange from the bad spot.
AMD still got detected but now the problem moved to another 3070 card, another spot…

My powersupply is 2000W and the rig doesn’t go over 1000W

_ I updated Nvidia Driver on Hiveshell

_ I try the missing card on a test rig and it started mining

Maybe it’s in the BIOS and it’s especially the Ichill model…

Do you guys have BIOS setup for Asus 490-P motherboard ? or an idea of whqt’s happening to me ?

Have you changed to all the mining optimal bios settings?

What do you mean ? to all the mining optimal bios ? I mean I tried to disable as much thing as possible on the BIOS.

Image 1-18-22 at 2.00 PM

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I’ve got this… Some of my splitter were broken that’s why…

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