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6xRX570 4GB don't recognize all cards

Hello friends!
I have a rig with the following configuration:
motherboard Biostar TB250btc
Celeron 2.9
4gb ddr4
sandisk 8gb

When I start Hive it sometimes recognizes 4 GPUs, sometimes 3 GPUs, sometimes all.

All set to GEN_2
Mining mode ON

Has anyone gone through this?

Check 4G Above Decoding is Enable in BIOS
Check all related to power supply and connectors

All risers are OK, power supply is OK,

But when I turn on the 4GB I need disable CMS suport, then my flash drive don`t recognize…

I have similiar motherboard and all works fine (4G enabled, CSM enabled and enabled legacy boot. Sorry don’t have photos BIOS settings, it was several monthes ago).

You are lucky … found photo in my phone. I’m post it here later

Thanks man! I guess my problem is the power supply, i will try other power supply to test it.

And post here.