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6x RX570 cards - 22MH/s

Hi all. As above.

This seems really low for 6 cards. Obviously, it’s fluctuating a bit, but when I first loaded up HiveOS yesterday it was getting between 60-90.

Using the pool. No overclocking yet.

Any ideas?


Ok, so 3 of my GPU’s have the error…

“mining is stopped as the tstop value has been reached”

no temps are in the red, seem to be hovering around 70 degrees

Try putting “-fanspeed 90” in “Tunning” section near AMD OC to lower the temp on cards… You should try to keep cards under 70 (60-65)

do you have a model bios?

Sorry, not 100% sure what you mean!

you need a custom bios and upload it to your cards !

Could that be in claymore config override, Givo?

Fans have gone back down…Highest is sitting at 42%!

Ok, it seems to be behaving now, but the fans aren’t sitting at 90 constantly, maybe this is right? but they are spinning up higher when temps rise…

Seems the -fanmin command worked…

Hi . I have 5 AMD 7850 saphire 2 gb and I take an error like this : argument “–mem-clock” requires a parameters and under line this : Unable to read header from file ? Do you have a solution to fixit that ?

First off you need to bios mod your cards to get the best hash rates. I found Phoenix miner is a little faster on my modded RX570’s and I’m currently getting 30.7mhs per card. If you just want to run non modded give Phoenix Miner a try and see if its not a little bit faster.