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6x Asus RX570 8g - High power consumption on one card, any ideas?

Hi. I have managed to find stable OC setting on my rig, i have issue with one of the gpu´s power. All the other GPU´s are performing fine with my settings (see pic) but one card dont like if i rise VDD or Core values. If i go up with either, power consumption jumps up, with core +1000 or VDD +800 i get immediately power consumption rise way over 100W, like 140…150W. Any idea what is going on, is the memory on that card fried or…? Im a noob with mining, some experience with bacic diy with pc. The card is Asus with Samsung K4G80325FC -115-C940PI2-100. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks

you have mod your bios at cards?

yes, just flashed custom bios today. This one and patched with polaris editor. i dont know what bios was on the card before, flashed without patch first to get the pathed work. it might be just a bad card…not enough heat paste in the sink…dunno. It looks like i have to live with that for now…trying to find out how to apply b mode on eth hash with team redminer, that should bring heat down still with decent hash…what i have find out about applying b mode…its quite complicated to my skills anyways! …yeah…but for shor, i have mod the bios

@Smining570 to enable B mode:
Goto your flight sheet for that worker
click the “…” menu > Edit
click “Setup Miner Config”
In the Extra config arguments’ box enter the string from my screenshot below
Click “Apply Changes”
Click “Update”

Thanks :slight_smile: i did test with b mode and high sample rate, got a bit more hash but with my gpu´s with polaris cpu i found that compared to increased hash and small drop on power consumption there was some lost of stability. It naturally depends of OC settings. My rig is quite fresh build so im gonna play aroun with different modes and settings and see what i can achive with this setup. Your help is really appreciated :sunglasses:

try to use


for some extra mhash. see readme for details.
64 is the lowest possible value, maybe you need some higher for your card. 256 is default.

this one card seems to have some problems…less mhash, more watts than the other cards.

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