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6872734W (watt) for a GPU

Strange, whenever I have four or more GPU on a Mining Expert running HiveOS, the first GPU show a huge energy consumption (6872734W). I am not aware of anything heating up. Anyone have the same issue? Thanks.

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I had it when the undervolt was too aggressive, both in bios and in mhz/mv. Usually later one these GPU started to fail. Happens much more often when it’s warm (some GPUs can’t handle the heat). I suggest lowering core/mem clocks and raising voltages.

One another thing you should always check is the connectors, especially the power-related ones. I had one faulty melted connector and it caused many problems and wated hours trying to ‘fix it via software’ before I realized it was a hardware problem. Try swapping the cards/risers to the next card and see if it’s THIS GPU related problem or THIS connectors/slots related problem.

Edit: Just saw it was an ultra-old thread. Sorry for bumping it :slight_smile:

I only had this happen when running GEN1 on the PCIE functions in the BIOS. Typically putting to auto or similar will correct this.

I have that error. My GPU gets 15646577W.
So, how can i fix this error?
Please admin