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6800 xt

hello guys sorry my english.
I have a 6800 rx it is working 60mhs not bad,
the problem is that I don’t see Fan speed information and I suspect that the temperature isn’t real.
someone with the same problem?
Does anyone know what I may be causing this?

Since you don’t have ant OC settings your GPU works on default settings
On modern GPU fans not working (idle) under 55/60 C - called FAN Stop feature.
Your GPU 45C so fans will stay idle.

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so let me see if I understand, only% of fans will show up when the temperature reaches below 55/60 C?
so is rx6800 so fresh in stock 45 degrees?

You can put some OC and it will disable FAN Stop


HI! I have same problem. My RX6800 overclocked. It’s working good but hiveos don’t show FAN percentage. The temp is ok. Miner software: phoenixminer 5.6d. I got same problem if I change mem clock to 1050.

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