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6700XT and 6600XT not mining together, work perfectly fine individually

Hi. Hope you are well. I was wondering how are people managing to run a 6600XT and a 6700XT together. I have a 6 card 6700XT mining rig, tried adding a 6600, it is reading on HiveOS but isn’t hashing for some reason. My friend is experiencing the same problem. He has 1 6700XT and 3 6600s, one of the 6600s reads fine but doesn’t hash. I’m so confused, unable to find any kind of solution anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Post a snapshot of the rig clearly showing how the GPUs are ID’d, kernel level, etc.

Hi buddy. I hope you’re doing well. I greatly appreciate the response and apologise for the delay in responding; I’ve been working on the rig. Fortunately, I was able to resolve the issue; it was simply a matter of switching the 6600 to the first riser :rofl: Sometimes I can’t believe the trouble for such simple fixes. However, I appreciate your assistance. At the very least, I know I can rely on our mining community in the future. Thank you.


Note your kerne level in the lower right corner.

Mine is on the latest stable kernel and included AMD drivers. I’d suggest upgrading your kernel if you run into other “issues”, especially with newer release GPUs. #72 is over half year old.

Command to issue in the shell is: hive-replace -y --stable.
You should then use the disk-expand command to increase your disk space in case you need/want to enable logs for troubleshooting.
Don’t forget to read the security guides :slight_smile:


You’re an absolute star buddy, thank you very much. Honestly, you’re a legend. Great advice, hashing beautifully :ok_hand:t4: I’m going to update everything now, wish me luck.

Would you say the ‘disk-expand command to increase your disk space’ is essential?

Missed this, sorry :frowning:

disk-expand is not essential, but some folks have many miners, updates, and logging enabled.

That does burn up some space which adds complexity to rig management.

Up to you, but monitor OS drive space if you don’t.

Thank you very much. You’ve been a great help, appreciate it.

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