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6700XT/6800XT cards won't run at specified core voltage. Extreme power usage

I have a rig with big navi cards but for some reason the voltage settings do absolutely nothing. The hashrate is on par with what these cards can do but the voltage is killing my power usage. I’ve tried all versions from 0.6-203 to the latest, nothing works. In windows the 6800XTs mine at the expected hashrate but using only ~130W, 6700XTs use about 95W. Regardless of what value I put in for VDD, nothing changes. TRM shows that all core voltages are around 868mV. Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

I’m having the exact same issue. Haven’t found a solution yet.
With the new R mode, I’ve been able to lower core clocks and reduce consumption to 90W, but my RX 6700 XT is always running at 868mV VDD.

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