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6700 XT TeamRedMiner GPU Detected Dead


So I am using HiveOs version 0.6-203@210519 which is the most up to date stable version. I have 5 different workers running in my farm. I mostly use 64GB Samsung USBs that are USB 3.2 so that they have higher read/write speeds. I don’t use miner logging so it’s not saving any information to my USB. My cards are set to 1450 on the Core and 1075 on the memory. I have my fans set to 100% but I don’t have any wattage or voltage settings applied. My core temperatures stay around 60 degrees but my memory on most of the cards will stay between 90 and 100 degrees. After a few hours some of the rigs will detect that one of the GPUs is dead and then restart it self. After it restarts sometimes it doesn’t even see one of the cards and I have to manually restart the rig, and then it starts to see the card again. I’ve checked all my cables and power and that shouldn’t be a problem. I am using PCIE risers but they are powered by PCIE cables and not SATA. I want to know if anybody else is having these sort of issues, and what a possible solution or fix would be. I’m using TeamRedMiner as I’ve heard that is the most stable. If anybody has some advice please let me know as I’m quite new to use HiveOs. I just want my cards to run stable without them constantly crashing or rebooting. In case anybody asks I’m using the reference 6700xts by AMD.

I have only two 6700xt and i use phoenixminer-ver. 5.5cm, is the only version that worked for me, the only problem that i get is that after a day or something, the 6700xt starts to get invalid shares, i think its related to phoenixminer and stuff because i have also a R9 390, and it works fine even when the 6700xt starts to get invalid shares, and the only thing i do is a shutdown and restart and it gets back to normal, probably you have something similar happening but different error because of the miner, i would suggest switching the miner and testing to see if it will happen too.

Try reducing your core to 1300. if that doesn’t work reduce the memory by 10 until the card stabilizes.

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