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6700 XT HiveOS 0.6-203@210512

Hello, there are issues with my rig that I can’t resolve. My config: HIVEOS 0.6-203@210512, CM BTC 37, 4 x 1660 S, 2 x 6700 xt.
At the initial start of the RIG I was in rev 0.6-203-stable@210403 without particular conf in OC and the GPUs all mine with phoenixminer.
From the moment I switched to 0.6-203@210512, the 2 AMD 6700XT gpu are well seen in Hiveos but they no longer mine and the farm reboots every 3 minutes. QQ have any idea?

Bonjour , soucis avec mon rig que je n’arrive pas à résoudre . Ma config : HIVEOS 0.6-203@210512 , CM BTC 37 , 4 x 1660 S , 2 x 6700 xt .
Au démarrage initial du RIG j’étais en rev 0.6-203-stable@210403 sans conf particulière en OC et les GPU minez toutes avec phoenixminer .
A partir du moment ou je suis passé sur 0.6-203@210512 , les 2 gpu AMD 6700XT sont bien vue dans Hiveos mais elles ne mine plus et la ferme reboot toutes les 3 minutes . QQ aurait une idée ?


Which version?

i have same issue here as well phoenixminer stop hashing rx 6700xt

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6700 XT HiveOS 0.6-203@210512

I have exactly the same issue with my 6700 xt. I’ve tried changing power cables, put the Hive OS in a SSD (because of supposedly crashes on usb flash drives), connected through Wi-Fi and/or cable, changed mining algorithm and nothing.

Recently it started hashing - after the last update - but awkwardly not being reported to the pool for some reason. Honestly, don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve pinged support and I’m waiting for a response. My last resort will be changing the OS - which I don’t want to do because Hive OS looks very good.

no do not change OS but you can mine in NBminer its working try Thanks change your flight sheet or create new

Found the problem…it’s the update itself. just use the latest stable version of Hive OS. DO NOT UPDATE, otherwise it will stop working. That’s what I did at least

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Thanks for the heads up guys, is it only phoenix miner that’s an issue? I use TeamRed

No im having same issue for 2 weeks. Running MSI z390a pro. I5 6700kf, 16 GB 3200, 2 Sapphire 580, 2 6700xt… I took off 1 Nvidia 3060 and 2070 to just run red n still nothing, no detection used Teamred, Phoenix, lol, trex none work. Bios perfect. only thing im not familiar w would b i5 bc no onboard graphics. Risers fine Server 1200 psu, evga 1000w main psu.

support sent me here and im stuck trying ideas. But if windows works and this MmOS or whatever works maybe I may have to change bc I changed whole build from b250 to MSI thinking it was mobo n it wasn’t.

I got an the same issue in a mixed rig. Newest HiveOS version and drivers. Only stable miner was LoLminer.
Hash rates are a bit lower than Phoenixminer. You can also add a third miner to a flight sheet and run the 6700xts with teamredminer

I have EXAAAACTLY the same problem
Same Exact scenarios happened to my 6700XT’s
Right after OS upgrade
And even if I downgrade back to the previous Hiveos version that usrd to work perfectly with Phoenixminer… It doesn’t hash at all!!

I had to switch to Lolminer (less hash rate tgan Phoenixminer though)

Any feedback appreciated

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