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6700 XT and 570 Overheating

Hi, I am running in to issues with the Stock 6700 from AMD website overheating. I own two of these, and they both overheat. As well as the 570s. The other 6700s do not overheat at all. What can I do to fix this? or is it ok to run at these temps?

I was told they do not have thermal pads.

For 570

try thats


–Ref 20 => samsung
–Ref 30 => Micron Hynix

For 6700 (XT)

That fixed my issue with the 570 thanks so much. Now i just need to fix the 6700.

Can you send the 6700XT the same way you did the 570? I don’t know where to put these values correctly for the 6700.

@Kenshinji What temps are you hitting with the faster hashrate on the 6700?

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