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6700 and 6800XT not mining Phoenix miner

Hi all,

I have an Asus B250 with 7 AMD cards and 2 Nvidia on phoenixminer, however, I cannot seem to get the 6 series cards to start mining, everything else starts fine. I have tried what seems like every OC setting.

Does anybody have any ideas or tips?

I have same issue with Phoenixminer for RX 6800XT card, so I have switched to Teamredminer.

I have a mixed system so I cant go back to redminer. It seems to be a driver issue with phoenixminer that I am trying to figure out.

So you can use more miners in Flight sheet.

I have 6x6700xt and 2x1660S on a rig. Only lolminer seems stable enough to run this setup.
Phoenixminer, reboots every hour and gminer just crashes.

Use lolminer to check if your setup will run ok.

how do you set up phoenixminer and redminer at the same time?

I was able to get everything except for my vega 54 running on lolminer, thanks for the heads up.

It seems on phoenixminer that when i flash the most stable version of hive to my rig, everything except the Zotac 3080ti shows up. So then I update the Nvidia drivers and get the 3080ti to load but then when I start mining the 6800 and 6700 won’t start.

Most miners have parameter like “device 0,1,2,3” - mine on 1st, 2nd, 3hd 4th card. “device 7, 8” - mine on 8th and 9th card. Check your miner docs for details please. You can use more miners in one flight sheet. Each on different cards.

In flight sheet you can add more miners.

Feel very very stupid rn, i thought it only meant you could mine two different coins. I setup phoenix and redminer and had one issue that I reflashed to stable version but I seem to be getting stable now.

Thanks for the help all! Im the idiot!

Dude not knowing doesnt make you idiot. Knowing and doing stupid stuff makes you :smiley:

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