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6600xt power color - oc profile not effecting mining rate

Dear community,

I have a very annoying problem with my rig.

My setup:
6 x 6600xt (Power color).
My hiveOS is running on Internal SSD.
1000w psu.

When installed HiveOS V. 0.6-210@210928 (the latest vesion)
My GPUs are visible but not able to mine.

I searched for an answer and found here the solution.
So, i downgraded the machine to V. 0.6-208@210295

Now, all GPUs are recognized and mining…

When I’m trying to configure OC profile, it does not
take any effect on the GPUs.

My Hash rate per gpu is 28.6 and stable.
(should be around 32M/h), and again, same result with all GPU’s and many OC profiles that I found here and on google.

Any idea what else can be done?


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Try these settings I try @ Asus

I will apply those settings and update this post in few hours! :love_you_gesture: