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6600xt and 6700xt low hash after switching to HiveOs

I was getting 32.5 and 47 consistently on Windows using lolminer for my 6600xt and 6700xt, respectively. I switched to HiveOS and used the same miner and core/mem overclocks. Now I’m getting in the 20s. The ONLY difference I know of is in windows I used Radeon drivers and you can turn on Fast Memory Timings. I could not figure out how to do that in HiveOS.

Can someone point me in the right direction to get my hashrates back? Thanks!

You cannot use Windows OC in Hive Os. Search the Forum for topics 6600, 6700 …

I’ve also tried and assorted range of overclocks that other forum members suggested and hash rate doesn’t move.

I see absolutely different CORE and MEM values ​​for you

Thank you very much @newwes . Performance restored. I tried this last night, but perhaps there was a delay in the hash update or I made a mistake with the inputs. Regardless, it’s working now. Appreciate your help!

Of course, we are one miners family :+1:

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here is mine.

Hi. Hope you are well. I was wondering how you are managing to run a 6600XT and a 6700XT together. I have a 6 card 6700XT mining rig, tried adding a 6600, it is reading on HiveOS but isn’t hashing for some reason. My friend is experiencing the same problem. He has 1 6700XT and 3 6600s, one of the 6600s reads fine but doesn’t hash. I’m so confused, unable to find any kind of solution anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

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