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6600 xt, stuck at bios


I’m trying to connect 2x amd 6600xt on my rig, in replacement of 2 others cards. When I plug them, the rig won’t boot and get stuck at the bios. If I try to enter the setup menu by pressing ESC, it is writting Entering setup… and get stuck there. I unplug the 6600 and get the others one in back again and everything is back on track. I’m tryin one 6600xt at a time and have the same problem.

Anyone got an idea? I’m a begginer.
Thanks you!
*Sorry english is not my first language.

Are you on the latest bios? Does it work with only the 6600 plugged in and no other cards?

Are you running the latest stable image of hiveos?

I would try the cards in another computer. Maybe you got some faulty cards.

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For the bios version it is Version 2.18.1263 American Megatrends.
A B250 motherboard. It only work when the 6600 are not plug in. Was thinking that the ryzer was not good but when I switch to others cards, they are ok. It is only freeze at the Bios with de 6600.

Got linux 5.10.0-hiveson #110

This is the specs written in hiveos:

B250B OEM (5.12 01/17/2018)


2 × Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G4400 @ 3.30GHz AES

Disk Model


test all variables, do you have another system to test the card in? then you can rule out each part.

Hi, sorry for delay.

I’m still trying to make them work. Got another one this week I’ll try to plug it in. Don’t understand why I get stuck on the bios.

Someone told me that we cannot have rx 580 and 6600xt running at the same time because they are not using the same drivers? But I saw some rig working with both of them on youtube!? Hahaha

Fans are running on…? I’ll let you know more soon. Thanks!

4/5xx and 6600 series work together just fine when the rest of the software aligns:

  • Kernel
  • Driver (latest stable release kernel versions are fine for the GPUs you shared)
  • HiveOS version
  • Miner version
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The cards don’t boot when I plug them on the rig but they are running juste fine on my pc.
WTF? hahaha

HiveOS version: 0.6-218@220709
lolminer v.1.52a
Kernel Version: 5.10.0-hiveos #110
Nvidia drivers: 510.73.05
Amd drivers: 21.40.1 (5.13.0201)

I can understand that all need to fit together when it is running on HiveOS, but I can’t go further than the bios.

Will the rig boot all the way into HiveOS, without GPUs, and running on the iGPU?

Noting you have newer nVidia drivers than those included in latest stable kernel. Are they nVidia GPUs even in this rig?

If possible see it if boots without any GPUs, and we’ll work from the lowest level up.

So, to avoid conflict between the 580 already install and running good with the 1660, I have removed them (don’t know if it was necessary) and I’ve try this:

  • All card remove, the rig boot and hiveos is running (hd graphics 510 detected).
  • Only one 6600xt connected. Freeze at Bios.
  • Try to mix, 1x 1660 + 1x 6600, freeze.
  • I switch them (testing differents slots), Freeze
  • Make sure that they are not on the same wire and use different wire for power, nothing change.
  • Sometime, when frozen at the bios, it’s written A2 or 92 in the bottom right corner?

Randomly, sometime 6600 hdmi screen show me a green boot screen or black, and sometime without the trademark of Bios. Was thinking that they are broken but they work really well on my PC.

Have some pictures:

I can’t believe they are broken… they are working great on my PC. :rage:

580 and 1660 work fine together?

  • this is to check AMD and nVidia drivers are both working fine.
  • if this does not work, are you running on USB drive?

With multiple GPUs have you made absolutely sure all BIOS Settings are:

Image 1-18-22 at 2.00 PM

Have you tried booting all the way in “Maintenance Mode with Drivers”?
Have you set the GUI on boot to GUI enabled vs. Auto?

fwiw: Green screens are frequently tied to memory issues of the GPU providing the video display, not sure that is your GPU or iGPU in your pictures. iGPU may not be applicable but interesting.

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