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6600 XT - Guide Step by Step - 32 Mhs < 50 W with lolMiner

RX 6600XT ETH / ERGO / BEAM with lolMiner | by J | Aug, 2021 | Medium

We are going to try today a RX6600XT thanks to #Jumper for the GPU to do the test.

We are going to test it in a Mix Rig in HiveOS.

Mix Rig

That will never work, because we have an old version of HiveOS, so we decided to create a Hive Shell and do:

hive-replace --list

After that we select the last stable image writting 1 and later writing yes

Update of HiveOS done

Then it will automatic restart and now we have HiveOS 5.4.0-hiveos #140

We can see now perfectly the temps of memory and Watts. Let’s start to configure it, and we found the first problem:

Needs to be updated minimum to 0.6–209

After that update we will be able to go up in memory more than 1075.

Now Memory Pick 1100

With 1000 in Memory we have 28.4Mhs

With 1100 in Memory we have 31.2Mhs

With 1150 in Memory we have 28Mhs it goes down let’s try to find our max, reducing and finding the value between 1100 and 1150.

After testing we see that if we increase to much the Memory the vaule deacrese, for our card the best value is 1130 -1132 where we are in 32Mhs.

So now we have 32Mhs at 65W, let’s try to reduce that Watts, after several modification we are able to get less than 50W

32Mhs at 49W

Really an interesting GPU to play, temperatures of the card are incredible good.

The results for Beam: Core 2000 / Memory 1050 = 15–17sol.

At the moment not ERGO miners ready, we will update when they are able to mine with 6600XT


6600xt mining ergo miner using teamredminer
core 1106
mem 1132
miner - TeamRedMiner
result 63 mhs

but in my problem, the third 6600xt can’t achieve 63mhs, its only gave result between 61-62mhs

sometime the hashrate also throttling from 63mhs to 52mhs then go back again to 63mhs

The throttling happens because you are using a honestly miner like lolminer. These both miners are the only ones that count the no mining time of the Dataset of ERGO. The other miners avoid that lying with the Mhs… IMO that’s not honest and I avoid them

teamredminer also honest miner ?

Thanks a lot for this. Was pulling my hair out stuck at 28.44 MH/s, now getting 32 MH/S. What’s not clear is how you got the power consumption down to 49 watts. I’m at 67 watts right now: Core 1350 / DPM 1 / VDD 600 / MEM 1130. Any tips?

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Hey there, im looking for someone who were involved into net-z (quazal) - the name was pedestriansX as i remember. Is that you ? Sorry for asking (:

Nope, that’s not me

Bonjour ĂŞtes vous avec windows os ou os hiveos
et pouvez vous faire une capture d’écran de vos réglages et mh/s .
J’ai changé de carte mère 4 pcie pour une 8 pcie et je suis passé de 32,3 mh/s a 28,2 mh/s sur mes 5 cartes 6600xt saphir et msi :woozy_face:
MERCI :grin: