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6600 XT and Load Average / LA Issues

It’s looking like Hive OS, as well as the Mining Applications, require some optimizations for the 6600 XT. Maybe even an image update with AMD Drivers Post 6600 XT release since it’s not as easy to update AMD drivers on Hive OS as it is to Update Nvidia Drivers with Hive OS.

First Issue is that it takes a very long time for the rigs to boot with 6600 XTs, this increases to Red LA numbers before mining even begins. Hive OS is going through way too much to figure out what these 6600 XTs are vs knowing what they are, along with extensive lags internal crashes.

Second issue is that something is killing off the 6600 XT’s after an hour or so. And the Load Average is way too high.

Third issue is after rebooting Mining Apps are giving off errors for the 6600 and not starting at all.

Any tips or tricks would be helpful, but I am pretty sure Hive OS, Mining Apps and Driver optimizations are what’s needed for 6600 stability.

Picture of first issue

Picture of third issue

11x6600XT’s very unstable. Hoping for some good updates soon. Might have to break these into 2 separate rigs 6x6600XT and 5x6600XT.

My 6600s have been working great for weeks now I’m getting the same errors as you. Did you find a fix?

I legit get the same issues but even after adding just a 2nd card (no where near 11!)

It will sometimes mine on that second card for 5 minutes, sometimes for about an hour, and then crash the card and put the rig offline.

When I double check the drivers for the 6600 XT, they’re supposed to be the 21.30 but HiveOS is still down at 20.40 which I think is causing a lot these issues.

I’ve gone over every bios setting multiple times, and same issue. I guess I’ll wait for the update.

(for reference, with just 1 6600 XT the rig runs fine, 0 errors. It doesn’t seem to matter which of my cards I use either, it will just run. Only when I add a 2nd that things get bad)

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I ended up having to divide my (now) 12x 6600xt’s into 2 separate rigs for now. 6 in one and 6 in the other.

They’re stable and have worked fine for days now with same overclocks I had from the beginning of:

Core: 1150 VDD:700 Memory:1120

There needs to be optimizations made with Hive OS when it comes to the 6600s. 12 of these 6600s on 1 rig throws Hive OS all the way off.

Most of the booting errors went away when I split the cards, but it still does take Hive OS an unusually long time to boot with the 6600s VS other past card both AMD/Nvidia and I think its due to Hive needing a drivers update post 6600 release.

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I started having all kinds of instabilities and LA going really high. Read comments from another site that the VDDCI voltage could cause this. They recommended setting to 720 (had it set at 600 for days with no issues). Ever since I raised this voltage back up the system has been stable and no LA issues.

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I’ll try this out. I have my VDD set at 600 too. I was getting the instability with no OCs too though, so I’m not getting my hopes up lol.

Just picked up 2 more cards tonight so I’d really like this stable. If this keeps up I might need to switch it to a windows rig for a bit.

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Little update, with 2nd card at 720 VDD, and watchdog activated, got it to run with 2 cards just shy of 24 hours. Then it restarted miner because GPU1 stopped mining and threw a “GPU Driver No Temps” error on restart which crashed the rig.

Progress though!

Been pretty stable at these setting. Lolminer restarts every once in awhile but I think that’s due to the 3060 LHR Unlock messes up sometimes.

I used to have the same the LA on rx 6600xt. I used biostar tb 360 btc pro motherboard. After I changed to biostar tb 250 btc pro motherboard, the problem solved

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