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6600 XT - 32.7MH @ 55w

Pretty excited I have 4 6600xt gpu’s running stable hashing away for almost 2 days straight!

you should post also OC settings for people to see.

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Happy to share mine. Haven’t had much time to adjust but hope to get the 2 slightly lower cards up above 32 MH soon. Also, have another 3 cards to add to the rig but the BT360 MB doesn’t seem to like running stable with more than 8-10 cards. Anyone else having this problem?

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Hi All, sharing my overclock settings on 6600 XT asus and MSI. Almost 32MH for 46watts (66 at the wall).
Hope it will help some and don’t hesitate if you have suggestions to improve my overclocks.

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How can I calculate which value gives me most profit after decreasing electricity cost ? Just tuning for MH per watt is not correct, is it ? Depending on how much I pay for electricity, sometimes is better to run a bit more towards the inefficient end because electricity cost could be less than what I gain earn from better speed ?

Also @MikeLeary @scastera what miner did you use in above screens ?

I usually compare the MH per watt. The higher the better. I use teamredminer actually and it is very stable. I was at 32.2mh for 48 watts with my previous overclocks but it was less efficient.

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share your settings, I want to see :slight_smile:

and what version of hive os are you using?

Here’s my settings. I’ve been running stable for 8 days straight. Time to add more cards!

ok thanks for reply

can you provide a screenshot like this?

it is the rig i am currently using, i am using stable version 6-208, very stable but hashrate in lock at 28 mh/s

my problem , I can’t increase the hashrate on my VGA, it’s locked at 28 mhs

if I upgrade hive OS to the latest version, the problems that arise, my VGA will crash, and often restart every hour (GPU driver error no temps)

please help bro