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62-63Mhs 3070ti. Is my overclock setting to aggressive dangerous?

As the title says…is this to aggressive of an overclock? I’ve been running it now almost a full day. It’s getting amazing hash rates, at times its even hit 63mhs! All the cards have good temps, the fan speed is running at a nice 70% range, and I’m not getting any rejected shares. Does anyone see any negatives with the Core and Memory settings the way they are?

Those hashrate is definetly over the average, very lucky.
May i ask you gpus specs (brand - model - vram manufacturer) ?

About the aggressive or not, i’d say if you don’t get any gpu driver error, or even high load average, and looking your temps which are fine, yes, ladies are ok here.

Last: why did you set 30" delay?

the cards I’m running are the 3070ti Zotac Amp Holo. They are all Micron GDDR6X. Regarding your question about the 30 second delay…the delay waits for 30 seconds after miner start to apply the overclocks, thus allowing the dag to fully load into the card memory and to select a kernel to use.

UPDATE: To good to be true getting those 62mhs for ever. After about nearly 24 hours my rig crashed. I guess those aggressive overclocks were just to much. I’ve reverted my settings back to my original tried and true 2450 memory and 1250 core getting me 58-59 mhs. Bummer I thought I was onto something :confused:

for sure 3200 is pretty high, but bro, 2450 is cheap, above all because your gpus handle 3200, i suggest you to start from 2600 instead and increase, every 24h, by 100mhz. Check the average MH you get, if you get improvements you increase memory otherwise don’t touch anything.

For example, my approach with my 3080ti was starting from the maximum memory the gpu can handle without istant crash. After couple of hours of mining i extract the logs, save them into an excel, write down the average hashrate, then moving down the mem clock by 100mhz, then same process until i see a real drop of my hashrate

Believe it or not from 3200 down to 2600 on my 80ti i got NO DIFFERENCE in terms of hashrate.

Maybe this approach helps you as well finding best clock :smile:

Thanx for the tips. Yeah I’ll eek out a few more hashes out of the cards by redoing my overclocks. Do you have 3070ti on ETH and if so what are your settings?

My 3070ti runs at 2200 on memory and 1350 on core clock
But i don’t have one good from the lottery, it can hits more on mem clock easy

3070 ti evga ftw
1550 core lock
2600 memory
Leave PL blank!
Fan 60 to 65

Avg 59.5 mh at 171 to 177
52 degrees with 84 mem temp

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