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6000 series undervolt enabled in 0.6-205@210715

Upgraded today and happy to say that undervolting vcore is working in this new version


They finally did it? How far can you undervolt the cards? Guess putting some pressure on them did help in the end. Also helped me find out HiveOS support is pretty useless and so are the forum moderators. Making promises all the time and not following up on them. Also, they could have just left my topic open. Guess their feelings we’re hurt by all the people complaining. Instead of deleting it they could have responded in that topic to announce they finally fixed this bug. Make something positive out of something negative.

Anyway, they did it applause … few months late, but they did it :wink:
My rig runs fine on MMPOS now though. I will do a test run on a desktop PC with RX 6800 to see if I can achieve 125watts at the wall with an RX 6800 too (like in MMPOS).

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They did it! I am testing 6700 xt on 680 mv. (around 20w less - on the wall)

From amd-info it says 662mV

I still have some problems, i don’t know why but my cards are not doing well, i think that the problem is SoC Frequency, i even tried to force it to 960 mhz but still nothing

HiveOS 0.6-205@210715
AMD Driver 20.40 (5.11.0701)
TeamRedMiner v0.8.3

both AMD Reference cards

Can someone help me? i see a lot of people reaching 61 Mh/s without problems and even the core voltage, i tried to set 625 from HiveOS but if i see the miner log it shows 718 mV which is still better than the previous cap at 781 mV but it could be better, any help is appreciate.


  • Core Voltage (VDD): 800
  • Power Limit (%): N/A
  • Core Clock (CClock): 1200
  • Memory Clock (MClock): 1125

I think that the maximum memory clock on windows is 2150 so divided by 2 on linux should be 1075 the maximum and 1125 should be out of range

Yeah, this is an issue with RX 6800 cards. The SOC TDC Limit is set to 30A (in BIOS) while with the 6800 XT this is 40A or something. For the 6800 it’s a bit too low, 31A or 32A would solve this issue. You can set this in Windows 10 only right now. TRM readme mentions this too.

I’ve been talking with MMPOS dev and asked for a slider so we can set our own SOC TDC limit. The function will come this or next week. So for RX 6800 rigs its still a win.

Also, I see your VDDC is still 718mv while you set it to 625mv, so I guess it’s not fixed yet?\

1060 mem is enough for 61.5mhash, first try raising VDDCI, if that does not make it go higher, then raise MVDD to 1275 (only raise in steps of 25mv, due to voltage regulator, or in steps of 6-6-6-7).
Set VDDCI to 775, memory controller is very sensitive to voltage. Soc Clock of 800 should be enough to do 63mhash, thats not the issue with the 2nd card.
The first card (with SoC clock of 600 has the SOC TDC limit issue)

Try with 1074

In this post Update RX6800 February / 2021 - #355 by HaloGenius

The moderator HaloGenious posted 2 screenshot where he clearly shows that the VDDC in TeamRedMiner is 618 mV so it worked for him, dunno why it didn’t for me

for the SOC TDC Limit i saw that in MPT but for now we can still do nothing with HiveOS

HiveOS still need the SOC TDC tweak

Thanks, now I have even more reason to test it myself.

Also see the edit I made to my post about the VDDCI :slight_smile:
Maybe a fresh install of HiveOS and setting your rig up all new will help?

Only way to solve SOC TDC limit is in MPT or MMPOS (when the next update comes).

I came from Windows to HiveOS with the 6800XT so I know my card works with 650mv, so I set 650mv. TRM reports 637mv

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Deviations up to 12mV from what you set are acceptable. Here is the peculiarity of the power supply scheme for a particular copy of GPU and GPU model. Usually +/- 6mV is considered normal.

Send to [email protected] your account details - prefer also your contact in Telegram
Refer to this topic and me in the body of the letter

Need look to your models and adjust settings

Will you implement a SOC TDC setting so users can set the limit in Ampere themselves? 30-32 should be enough, maybe steps of half an ampere would be enough. A lot of RX 6800 cards have this issue

Need look to amd-oc log maybe it’s other case here

Generally it’s works as TRM devs suggest:

  • add 10% to TDC Limit if RX 6800 has TDC Limit lower than 31A

All RX 6800 reference at least have TDC limit of 30A. Setting it to 31A or 32A always solved the issue. I’ve tried on 5 different RX 6800 reference cards

30A + 10% = 33A
so it’s should work but first at all need check on real hardware

Yeah 33A is the max you should add. The SOC will always fill the limit, even if its not neccesary. I did some tests on this. For example:
If RX 6800 gets 61mhash with SOC TDC limit 30A, and it needs 31A, you set it at 31A and it will use 31A and achieve 62.5mhash. But if you set it at 33A it will use 33A and still get 62.5A but with higher power consumption.
It would be best if you can select the SOC TDC limit per card as to save energy. All my cards only needed 31A or 32A

for me undeclock dont work.

Its limited to 775 mV, I can not go down fron here.

What version you have installed?