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6 x AMD 6600XT Rigs & 1 x 6700XT Rig - Low DNX Hashrate

I have a bunch of X8 Octominer Rigs running 6600XT & 6700XT series cards. The units were unchanged with the exception of the recent Kernal upgrade to 6.1.0 #90. Since the upgrade (Or so it seems), none of my AMD rigs will mine DNX at a decent rate. I have tried rolling back HIVE from the current release to version 0.6-224 and I have tried different versions of BZ Miner. I have removed all OC settings, except fan speed, but still no change… the cards always seem to stay at low power. Could this be an AMD driver issue? is there any way to roll back the Kernal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One additional thing… the rigs never come up on the pool, even though they appear to be mining…

Here is a screen shot of the 6700XT rig.

you can try updating the amd drivers amd-ocl-install 5.7 5.7

or you can use hive-replace -l and choose one of the older images if you want to go back