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6 x 3070 Ti Msi problem

Please help me
Rig with 6 3070 TI can not start to mine .Even with 5 cards it can not manage to start mining
On 4 cards it runs perfectly

I tried almost everything.
I 've made all updates
the power supply is 2 x 850 watts

Finish setting your core clocks, then open the miner in shell and see what it says

Use locked core clocks instead of core offsets. No power limits.

In one of those rigs I added one extra power supply (850watts) and it started( with 6 cards)
Another rig (I ve got two the same rigs with 3070 ti) isnt working …
It could be the reasone? too less power?

Did you not have enough power before?

It believed yes but for now I am not sure. 1700 watts for 6x 3070 ti ?

They should be a little over 200w each

Today I managed to start mining one rig on 2 x850watt power suppliers .Second one can not start more than 4 cards with 1 x850watt and 1x 950 watt…but I will give her one 850 watt and we will see.If nothing will change than motherboard is faulty or the bios settings are bad

No even with 3 x power suppliers it can not start to mine. The cause might be the motherboard? or the bios ? It is asrock h81 btc pro …Could anyone help me?

Test each card/riser/cable individually and make sure everything is working. Make sure all your bios settings are optimal for mining. You can google mining setting + your motherboard and you should find the exact info

I think I found the reason : there is only 2gb ram ddr3 on the board…could it be the reson?

most likely. i would use at least a motherboard from the last 6 years or so.

it is asrock h81 btc pro I took it only because its stable…anyway…we will see tomorrow

I have msi 3070ti gamingX and that card cant go higher than 2400 mem while my other MSI 3070ti ventus can go up to 3000 Mem. gaming x wont run if u set higher than 2400 mem. Try lower mem.

Adding ram worked!!! Thank You guys. Now I am starting with OC