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6 GPUS no longer working after overclock

Hi guys, really hoping someone can help. I was adjusting an overclock due to a few rejected shared when my rig crashed. Now my 6 3060 tis are detected but with no settings available and won’t mine. I have tried rolling back the drivers which has not effect. Booting into windows shows error code 12. I can’t flash the cards as it always fails. Has anyone come across this issue before? Thanks

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Fligh sheet is having red mark. Seems flight sheet is not apllied. Please check if correct flight sheet is applied

Thanks for the reply. I removed the flight sheet because it was only detecting the 1660S and mining on that one. Think somehow my Vbios has been corrupted by the overclocks? can’t believe it has done all 6 at the same time. Won’t let me flash a new bios currently.

These card works great with NVidia driver 470.
Try executing command:
nvidia-driver-update 470.63.01

wait a long time, and run again the same comman until HiveOS report this driver version. Then power off and test if works.