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6 Card Rig - 1 card loosing power/hashrate after 3 hours

Have a six card Radeon VII rig - using teamredminer and these clock settings:
Core Clock: 1750 - Core Voltage: 950 - Mem clock: 1100.

The rig is mining fine with ~95 MH/s per card - but after 2.5 hours Card0 starts dropping power and hashrate. Checked temperatures and they look fine (other cards are hotter than this one). The other cards have no change. Rebooting the rig and everything is back to normal for another 2.5 hours and the same thing happens again.

Any help mush appriciated!

check your power cosuption with power meter at the wall (not in software)! also check your risers (6 pin connections ) etc… maybe your problem is power issue!!! if you have 2 psu’s balance the wattage…

Dont have a power meter - but can get one so I will check this. Thank you for the tip.

Lowered GPU clock settings to: 1600/950/1000 - getting 88 MH/s with it and mining stable on that. The other cards are still at 1750/950/1100 and mining 95 MH/s so think it works good now.

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