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580 suddenly half hashrate and over heat. Help

Hey guys,
I need a little help… this rig of 580 has been running since February.
Temps are good, never crashed, never got invalids.

And since yesterday, GPU 0 went from 30 to 15 mh/s.
I played around with the OC and it only makes it worse (13mh/s).
When I don’t OC and just limit power, it overheats to 72-74

Any idea on what’s happening or how to fix it ?

I think its better to replace a riser before u play with OC… Also check your power cables if it is ok…
At last remove the PL value … in polaris does not work…Also and DPM value…

Right the rizer. I did move things around recently to add a new rig in the tent.
Will check this.

Turn off your Rig before doing anything…

obviously lol

these temps are not so good man. i mean 70 degrees?? with 100% working fans. you cards are for cleaning. Let me tell you something else. you can test to optimize.
I see 5 of the cards are with samsung memory, two are with *FB others are with *FC.
i have the *FB memory and i am running my card with 32.2 mhs.
Why dont you test on one of the cards and do the following:
Download the bios and mod it with polaris bios editor and uber mix 3.2 version not 3.1.
The insert the following settings :
1168 core clock
860 core voltage
800 memory controller voltage
2100 memory clock
Aggressive undervolting ON
amdmemtweak --REF 30
Do not put other values in other fields like you did.
this 1280 memory voltage is not needed because for polaris based cards it is not working . you cant control it so its useless. also Power limit PL is not working for polaris. DPM states also . Just remove them.

Test and let me know what happens.