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580 8GB cards stopped working

I have multiple 580 amd workers, all stopped working in last 24 hours and get next error:
“exited (exitcode=0)” waiting to cool down a bit"

I have tried:

  • downgrade of hiveos
  • removed all overclock settings
  • tried miners: nbminer, lolminer, gminer, teamredminer
  • changed mining coin: rvn, zelhash, zhash, kawpow-nicehash

Any miner or coin I have changed, the worker didn’t work. I have this problem only with RX580 cards.

Can you post some screenshots? Show your worker overview screen and flight sheet

Have you tried a fresh install of the latest stable image? I notice your kernel/hive image is out of date. Run hive-replace -s -y in the shell to update.

you save my day, it works!

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