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5700xt vs 5700 RVN

So according to nicehash Ravencoin (KAWPOW) NVIDIA and AMD overclock settings for GPU mining | NiceHash the 5700 and 5700xts are the same on kawpow algorithms. Any reason to buy a 5700xt instead of a 5700 as the 5700’s are cheaper

They’re essentially the same for mining once you flash a 5700xt bios on a 5700.


What software would you recommend for bios flashing amd cards? quite new to bios flashing.

The built in amdvbflash in the overclocking tab works good

Wait, there’s a built-in flashing tool? that’s great!
Also, Keaton, I really appreciate your work in helping me, and the community. Keep up the great work!

Yessir, just make sure you’re on the latest stable hiveos image as there were some bugs that were fixed on older builds when flashing some cards.

And no problem at all!