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5700xt OC settings for Ravencoin


So as many other former ETH miner with 5700xt (baller cards back in the day) im not really sure what to do with them anymore.

Have tried kaspa and was able to mine somewhat stable (or not at all xD 90-95% accepted shares) with 280mh/s at approx 70-80w, temps max 40C memory both mem and core.

I have been reading and searching what else I could mine and Ravencoin seems to be a good option.

Some of my cards have the old bios edit, havent seen any difference when mining Kaspa.

Does anyone here mine Ravencoin with 5700xt?
If so what oc settings are you using and do you have any performance tips?


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if your selling them im in the market :slight_smile: oc settings for 5700xt you can try these, few years old worked on on my older cards (1070 470) Ravencoin (KAWPOW) NVIDIA and AMD overclock settings for GPU mining | NiceHash

Hehe good to see there still is a resale value on these but long away from the 2022 levels xD. Took me a long time to find 6 nitro+, was thinking of completing the rig build but…mining is unsure right now it seems.

Will try out those settings, thanks (:smile:

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yep. I’m in the market for them because, from my research (totally a pro!1!!1!) best mid-range card for mining (under 180)

Kaspa is a core only algo, so faster memory timings will not impact it at all. Navi cards are really best at memory based algos, which aren’t very profitable at the moment.

You should always fine tune your ocs per algo (make changes, see if hashrate/power goes in the direction you want, continue making changes until going up or down with any value gives you a worse result) you can use as a starting point if you have no idea what an algo wants (core, mem or core+mem)