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5700xt Mining Dynex

Hello all,

I would like to enable BIOS mode on my 5700XT for Dynex. I have previously done the BIOS mode, but currently, I am experiencing high wattage. Is there a new BIOS mode available for the 5700XT as mentioned below?



Your overclocks look a little aggressive, try,

cc: 1025
vdd: 700
mvdd: 1265
soc freq: 950

also i use srbminer 2.3.7, updating to 2.3.9 lowered hash signify .

you need to upgrade to 2.3.9 as 2.3.7 is no longer supported by dynex

Just got a payout a few minutes ago and everything is checking out ok on hero miners.

Are you sure your mining has counted for the last 36 hours? Payouts will be behind current mining

now you got me wondering. stats on hero miners are as follows:
Unconfirmed Balance: 0.273384 DNX
Pending Balance: 0.256054 DNX
Last 24 Hours Paid: 4.560375 DNX
Round Contribution: 0.017%
Current Payout Estimate: 0.022454 DNX

last transaction to my wallet: 23-10-23 17:33:59

no need to wonder, pool just updated :Unconfirmed Balance: 0.320526 DNX

if you’re on AMD it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. i have my cards very low power. 122.8 kh/s at 2300watts at the wall with 27 5700xts. with my overclocks i average 4.5kh per card but when i updated to 2.3.9 i went down to 3.1kh a card same oc same watts

Now i am getting 3.8k 70watt

That’s probably because you’re on the latest version 2.3.9, its recommended to stay on that version but I’m using the older version till it no longer works.

also i add to the flight sheet

–gpu-intensity 450

it brings the chip count up to 450 from 425. not sure how much this helps but from what I’m aware of is it will send more nounce’s to the gpu, maybe someone else can chime in on this.

Does it make a different?

Try this oc:
1275 / 725 / 725 / 1265 / 850
I’m getting 4.5kh at 70w software

It crashes all the time with oc

silicon lottery. please increase core voltage to 755mv and test stability.