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5700xt ERGO R Mode

Hi there.
Has anyone found some juicy settings for 5700xt on ergo in R mode?
I’ve tried the ETH setup and pushing only 85-89mhs @ 70w.
I think they can push to 100-110mhs under 100w.
So any help?

Ergo needs more core so it won’t be as beneficial as r mode with eth. Best bet is to try and optimize the settings and let us know what you’re able to do.

hello i have this settings but if someone can explain why my hashrate is not constant as on eth thx

Capture d’écran 2022-08-16 170435

Same settings and same problem to me…
I’ve also 2 rig NVIDIA on ergo but they are stable… amd don’t…
Im trying to undestand what’s goin on…

ok thank you for your answer for me I have 2 rig 1 AMD and 1 NVIDIA the hashrate is not stable for the 2 if someone has a solution? I am on smartpool neta in advance thank you

For Nvidia I Use NB Miner (but also Trex is ok). For Amd I use Team Red Miner…but is unstable respect nvidia…don’t know why.

Nothing to do…tried many combinations of OC but 5700 run unstable
In some cases, the minimal hashrate is triggered and watchdog start and reboot the system…
Especially after the message “generating autolycos table”…

I Think the problem is solved… Just use Nb Miner 42,2 and see my settings… Rig seems stable.
The 2 cards with less HS are not flashed…

I think this is the best I can

I think what you are seeing as instability is just how some miners work - same happened to me when switching to srbminer.

Can you share a little more details about your setup? What did you flash on your cards?

I flashed the 1400 timing up to 2000