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5700XT died after a reboot, fans not spinning

Hi, I installed 4x Aorus 5700 XT cards today, have not yet modified BIOS, set up “popular setting”, it has been solid for about 6 hours, then it crashed and rebooted (teamredminer: GPU0 detected dead)… but after reboot, 1 of the cards do not work at all. The fans are not spinning, LED lights are off, HiveOS doesn’t see the card…

I checked all the cables, they seem to be ok, changed the riser (that did not help), changed the PCIex power cable (that did not help), if I connect another card with the PCIex power cable from the “dead” card - it works. Riser is powered from 6pin (no SATA or something).

So it seems that the card died somehow… is there any help? How can I check if it is really the card or something else. Thanks for any advice, spent couple hours testing everything and googling…

Boot in “Maintenance mode”.
If you see that card i would try to flash the stock Bios.

@mansey The card still has stock bios, I have never modded it.
Maintenance mode didn’t help, but thanks for the tip!

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