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5700XT/6700XT Memory Temp (New to mods)

Hey all, 1 day into HIVE and so far I’m digging it. I know this is a beat up question but my 5700xt’s memory temp is clocking in super high (102-106). Does anyone have an updated setting to help combat or am I better off taking the cards apart and replacing the thermal pads? I’ve followed some found settings on the interwebs but eventually I start getting “GPU detected dead” errors from TRM after. I’m not familiar with editing the BIOS of cards if that is something suggested, I can figure out how to do that. I have a fan array blowing at the cards and pushing air away, they don’t really feel warm. I could add a box fan in front to pull the air futher away.

Hello and welcome.

I can help you if you want.
u can contact me telegram @kenshinji59

share your OC settings dude , without knowing we cant help you.

Currently, none. Everything is running @ stock. After tinkering and see the “Dead GPU’s” I removed all OC settings. I’ll share a screen short of where I’m at in a second.

for the 5700 XT cards use 1250 core clock, 700 core voltage, 730 memory controller voltage, 1330 memory voltage and 920 memory clock. 60% fan speed, test it and you can adjust it to better suit your cards.

@Kenshinji I’ll hit you up, appreciate it. @rkulov much appreciated… gonna try it now, thanks!


@rkulov I used your settings on a card and it was an immediate change for the better. However, a few minutes later I got a notification that the TRM detected the card as dead. It’s now back up and running… just odd.

This might be due lower core voltage. Increase it just a bit

Awesome, thanks. I’ve applied your suggestions and here’s the outcome. I started @ 700 core voltage, got the “GPU detected dead” bumped up to 750, same issue, now onto 780. I’m assuming I’ll have to keep bumping it up by increments until that error stops. From what I understand the stock voltage is 1,191. I think my GPU1 has an issue outside of OC settings, my gut is it might need new thermal pads or something because it’s always underperformed compared to the other RX5700XT’s in my rig.

If 750 or 780 doesnt fix the problem, maybe vddci moght be low also. Just a bit of tweak.

Скачай биос, модифицируй этот биос, прошей модифицированный биос обратно, и будет тебе счастье.

@rulkov wanted to say thank you for the assistance. Updated based on your suggestions and my rig is way more stable. Just did my first thermal paste/pad mod on the GPU with 106 mem temp and it’s down to 90. Gonna let it run for a bit before I attempt applying settings to it.

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