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5700 XT Rig will not boot

I have a Sapphire Nitro+ and a ASUS ROG STRIX that when connected to either my ASUS H110 BTC Pro+ or my ZOTAC B150 causes the system not to boot. I have tried replacing the GPU Risers and put them in known working GPU Risers with no luck. I have looked through the community and found several helpful articles on changing BIOS for the MB, and settings in HIVEos to get these working. I have another ASUS ROG STRIX that works fine in the H110 BTC+. I had 13 cards running in the H110, mixed cards NVIDIA and 5700 XT’s. The ROG cards were to replace a 1070 TI and an old 1080 to improve the hashrate. I have done hive-replace using the old Beta 2 for NAVI, the current Beta, and the current stable (which is what the 13 cards ran on previously), to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Just a FYI with these cards connected I do not get POST from the MOAB.

Hey Everyone. If you are having this issue and using a H110 Pro BTC+ this may be helpful. The Bios of the H110 (Asrock) has a setting in the Boot section called Compatibility Support Module (CSM). This must be disabled to run newer GPU’s above a count of 9. I had this rig running with 13 GPU’s using 1080’s, 1080 TI’s, 1070 TI, and 5700 XT with no issues. I replaced all the NVIDIA cards with AMD 5700 XT’s. When I did this the boot would not happen above the 9th GPU. Disabling this setting in BIOS corrected the issue and I am back up and running. You can find more about this at the below links.

Happy Mining everyone.

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