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5700 XT BIOS that fits my 5700 non-XT ASUS RX 5700 DUAL EVO OC

I read that flashing the XT version of a non-XT 5700 AMD card could increase mining hashrate. People say you need to pick the XT version - bios of your card. I have this cards:

but there´s no XT version of these cards. Is there another ASUS Xt Bios that I can use to flash? Or do I get the same results when I edit the bios handish? maybe the TUF versions? But these have 3 fans…

In the same boat. Kinda new to this myself. The only bios ive even come close to is one that is generic, even so it’s outdated and has the 1500 timing set. The timing set on our card is 1550. We pretty much have the only bios for it.
So far I’ve tried just modding the straps. Then more power tool to make it “XT” by changing some of the other values. It flashes, do I know what I’m doing? I’m getting there.
I can’t get anything stable on one rig right now, well as for oc and uv. My load average just keeps climbing and I just can’t figure it out. My belief so far is that it’s these dams asus cards.
Asus b250 board and additional 5600XT’s

what do you think, can I just try the xt bios or can I crash my card then? Can I go back to stock bios if it wont work or can it be bricked then?

If I can go back every time I could just try…

Im not happy at all with asus too…I would prefer cards with samsung memory instead of the micron chips