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5700 Oc Problem

Hello i started to mine with my 5700 (micron) gpu. ı have a problem. In windows i can oc to 1400core 800core voltage 1860memory in wattman and it is stable with 56 mh. I did not bios modded and I bought this card used (second hand). Temps are 42 core and 92-94 memory in 127watts. I couldnt lower the temps of the memory but it was stable in 92-94 and it run like 48 hours without a problem.

I need to use hiveos now because i have other gpus (amd and nvidia). But when i connect this card and try to do the same oc settings which i did in windows, temps are really high like 96-98 and sometimes 100 in 130watts. I try to power limit to 120 to lower the temps but when i do that the card gives 50mh. I just want to be stable like its in windows. How can I do that?

Oc settings in hiveos are 1400 core, 800 vdd 915 mem , and 120 pl. Its stable in 50 mh and 92 degrees.

I tried a lot of combinations and this was the only setting I managed to achieve stable oc.

What miner u are using in Hive Os…?

I am using phoenix miner. I tried to use lol miner but mh are really low with lol miner.

Try team red miner… No issues for me 2 years use…for amd…

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